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The real time GoM-HYCOM  has been running at the Naval Research Lab at the Stennis Space Center (NRL-SSC) since 2002 (Pat Hogan and Ole-Martin Smedstad). It provides forecasts of all hydrodynamic variables throughout the water column. Examples of surface 7-day forecasts will be uploaded in this site. We show Sea Surface Height (SSH) maps, which illustrate circulation patterns, especially the Loop Current front and clockwise re-circulating features (called anticyclonic eddies: high SSH, red colors) and counter-clockwise re-circulating features (called cyclonic eddies: low SSH, blue colors). For currents at 1000m, see Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill - circulation at 1000m.

Sea Surface Height on Agust 16 and forecast for August 24, 2010

 The Loop Current (LC) and the associated eddy field dominate the circulation in the Gulf interior and the connectivity between the Northern Gulf and the Florida shelf areas.
Latest comments:
Aftre the detachment of the anticyclonic LC Eddy Franklin, the LC has retreated to a young position. The situation is improved for South Florida, as the direct connection with the DH oil spill site is effectively closed. However, it should be noted that South Florida is still connected to the Northern Gulf through a mean southward flow over the West Florida Shelf.
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