Circulation at 1000m

Oil spill response and follow up studies Circulation at 1000m

The real time GoM-HYCOM has been running at the Naval Research Lab at the Stennis Space Center (NRL-SSC) since 2002 (Pat Hogan and Ole-Martin Smedstad). It provides forecasts of all hydrodynamic variables throughout the water column. Examples of currents at 1000m depth will be uploaded in this site. For surface circulation, see Deepwater Horizon Oill Spill -surface circulation.

1000m currents for May 16 and May 24

The currents at depth are much smaller than near surface currents and generally exhibit counter flows. Model outputs for past week suggest an along shore southwestward current at depth in the vicinity of the well.

It should be noted that the model assimilates satellite observations (surface fields), while data profiles that can constrain the deeper model circulation are extremely limited. Therefore, details in eddy structures of predicted deep circulation can exhibit additional model uncertainties.

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