Model evaluation

South Florida Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (SoFLA-HYCOM)
Model evaluation

ADCP data from the COMPS moorings are used to evaluate SoFLA model derived currents on the Southwest Florida shelf. The model atmospheric forcing is provided by the Navy Coupled Ocean / Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System COAMPS (27km resolution).

Model-Data Comparison: #C17
Observed and simulated hourly values of near-surface (at 5 m depth) along-shore velocity (in cm s-1) at the mid-shelf mooring station C17 for year 2004, computed from COMPS data (red lines) and SoFLA model simulations (blue lines) and the along-shore wind stress component  (in N m-2) from the 3-hourly COAMPS 27km forcing. Time series mean and standard deviations (std) are also given. The high values of wind stress are due to hurricane activity. The model to data agreement is very good overall, with wind-driven current shifts well represented.
Model-Data Comparison: #C19
Same as above, but for the outer shelf mooring C19.  Currents are stronger than in the mid-shelf mooring C17 and they are influenced both by wind stress and by Loop Current intrusions and eddy passages. The eddy influence is evident in the summer months, when winds are greatly reduced.

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