Inter-annual Variability

Intra-Americas Sea Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (IAS-HYCOM)
Inter-annual variability

A simulation with high frequency atmospheric forcing from NOGAPS
(Navy Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System) has been completed for years 2004 and 2005.

Examples of Sea Surface Temperature are given for  August 27, 2004 and
August 28, 2005. Differences in heat fluxes and wind patterns between the two years resulted in different SST values for the same periods, exhibiting the potential for substantial inter-annual variability in the Intra America seas.
Temperatures are clearly higher in 2005, a summer that will be remembered in the Caribbean as particularly hot, which was partially the reason for the observed intense coral bleaching events. The cool SST values in the central Gulf of Mexico in 8/28/2005 are associated with Hurricane Katrina, on its way for the disastrous landfall in New Orleans. The cool SST values near the Venezuelan coast in 8/27/2004 are associated with wind driven coastal upwelling.

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