Tortugas Eddy

Florida Straits, South Florida and Keys Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (FKeyS-HYCOM) Tortugas Eddy

Larger mesoscale cyclonic eddies, known as Tortugas Eddies, typically form near the Dry Tortugas. When impacted by a Loop Current frontal eddy, the Tortugas Eddy translates eastward into the zonal region of the Straits of Florida.

Tortugas Eddy

The top panels show that subsurface structure of the Tortugas Eddy as defined as defined by the depth of the 25.0 sigma-t surface. The bottom panels show the Tortugas Eddy simulated in the FKEYS-HYCOM, the left one captured by Sea Surface height and the right one captured by Okubo-Weiss parameter, which takes into account deformation and vorticity and is very useful in identifying coherent vortices and rotating structures.

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